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What is Listed Business?

Listed Business is a curated online directory that aims to make it easy for people searching for services to connect with the companies offering them.

We take it one step further by giving people the option to request quotes from everybody listed in the category - one contact form submission, multiple replies.

This means businesses aren't paying thousands in monthly SEO fees - they all get the same enquiry, and can respond as they see fit.

We looked at the current options available for suppliers across the UK, and we tried to make them better. We found plenty of online directories, but they were all lacking in one area or another - some didn't provide profile pages for listings, some didn't provide links back to the suppliers websites. We try to do it all, as best we can.

Who made it?

Creative Ammo is a small online marketing agency based in the South East. So small in fact that it's just one chap.

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